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Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Teachers’ Training is committed to training individuals who wish to pursue a fulfilling career in Early Childhood care and Education (ECCE).


All children need a nurturing, stimulating and challenging environment which fosters their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.


Equally important is their need for acceptance, loving care, appreciation and attention. SVIOTT’s diploma course is very well designed that aims at developing a sound background in and understanding of relevant Early Childhood Education curricula and curriculum related subject matter.

The Managing Committee of Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Teachers' Training (SVIOTT) 
  1. Mrs. R.A.Vaswani - Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission

  2. Ms. Krishna Kumari - Working Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission

  3. Dr. (Ms.) Gulshan Gidwani - Director, St. Mira’s Education Board

  4. Mrs. Aruna Jethwani - Committee Member

  5. Ms. N.T.Jotwani - Secretary, St. Mira’s Schools

  6. Ms. Piya Uttamchandani -  Manager, St. Mira’s School

  7. Mrs. Ruby Karna - Headmistress, St. Mira’s Primary School

  8. Dr.(Ms.) Manju Nichani - Rector, Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Learning

Our Faculties:
  • Mrs. Trupti Joshi - Lecturer

  • Mrs. Nida Rahi - Supervisor

One year full-time Diploma in Pre-Primary Teachers’ Training

ADMISSIONS OPEN for 2024-25. Apply to join    ONLINE/OFFLINE 

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